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Tackling Hunger and Extreme Poverty from the Grassroots

Our biggest mission is to contribute enormously to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 2, which seeks to End Hunger, Achieve Food Security and Improved Nutrition and Promote Sustainable Agriculture.

Okuafo AI App

Your AI Assistant on the Farm.

Trained on over 100,000 images, the Okuafo AI will accurately tell you if your crop is infested with pests or not. If it is, you will access proven sustainable methods of controlling the pests through an animated video.

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Our Process

We strongly believe in impact. Our research doesn't end up in our labs only. Our processes involve design thinking, research, prototyping and product development.


Leveraging cutting edge technologies like Data Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning and IoT, we research into how these technologies can have a direct or indirect impact on the average person. Our work has direct impact because we're part of the people. Having real experiences as farmers, it's easier for us to connect with the locals and their problems.


Our diverse and inclusive team of experienced and talented software developers, Data Scientists, Researchers and Field Operators, work collaboratively to build solution based on intensive research done by our team. These problems are built with the farmers at the center and impact tops it all.

Test and Launch

We understand working with complicated AI Algorithms and Data can be tricky. Our development process involves real world data collection, pre-processing, processing, careful and accurate data labelling. We use techniques such as Data Augmentation to enhance performance. Our close monitoring, beta testing and fast iteration culture, allows us to generate more real-world data and improve the accuracy and performance of our models.

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Our Process

Precision Agriculture


Answering the “Where, When and How” questions of Small-scale farmers.

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Okuafo Foundation

In The News

In The News

Why Our
Work Matters

By producing more, farmers can feed their families
Better Livelihoods
Farmers get to sell enough to earn a living
With reduced or no pesticides at all, healthy crops are assured
Rural Farmers Support
Remotely training them on the best farming practices with 24/7 support
Protecting the environment from harmful pesticides and fertilizers

Our Core Mission

Promoting Sustainable Agriculture, Increasing Profits and Improving Lives.

The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 2 seeks to End hunger, achieve Food Security and Improved Nutrition and Promote Sustainable Agriculture by 2030. However there is a major threat to achieving this goal. Farmers in rural areas who are mostly subsistence farmers lose more than half of their crops to pest infestations. This increases the number of children who go to bed on an empty stomach. Farmers live in extreme poverty because they can't produce enough to feed their families and sell the extra to earn a living. We are focused on providing farmers with precision agriculture tools to enable them detect pest infestations at an early stage to enable them take recommended sustainable actions in fighting the pests.


BBC: A group of young Ghanaians have developed a mobile phone app that can detect and diagnose disea

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BBC: A group of young Ghanaians have developed a mobile phone app that can detect and diagnose disea

BBC: A group of young Ghanaians have developed a mobile phone app that can detect and diagnose disease in crops at an early stage[...]

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